About Therapy

holding your fear, enlisting your courage, realizing your truth...

I can help with:

life transitions – creative expression – anxiety – depression – loss/grief – trauma – relationship issues – cross cultural issues – eating concerns – addictive tendencies – co-dependency – communication – mindfulness practices – developing self compassion

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We all experience times when life feels all tangled up, when clarity and direction are painfully absent.  Any number of situations (in the present and the past) can cause you to feel lost, stressed, anxious, unable to relate to your friends, lovers, coworkers or even yourself.  I understand how overwhelming these feelings can be, and how lonely you might feel.

You don’t need to face this alone.  I can be with you to listen, to see the unique you and understand your individual situation. Together we can walk on the path of self-discovery and acceptance – gaining clear perspective, feeling and expressing your true and vital self.


IMG_3727Therapy sessions are a time for you to share your deepest feelings, thoughts, fears, hopes, and desires with someone who is whole-heartedly there for you, hearing and understanding you with compassion.

I can help you unravel life’s messes and uncover your essential strengths as we focus on what is happening in the present moment in your mind, in your body and in your emotions.

Together, we will shine the light of clarity and compassion on your deeply held beliefs and patterns.  Helping you develop a familiarity with the previously disconnected, disowned and devalued parts of your experience and emotional states.

We can lean toward your concerns (rather than contracting and denying) developing understanding that helps to break down and through old thought patterns and habits.

You will develop meaningful ways to acknowledge and experience your natural states of compassion, trust, acceptance and safety.



Working with individuals or couples, our time together may be used in a variety of ways, including:

dialogue, exploring in-the-moment body sensations, connecting to and enhancing your inner resources, mindfulness, guided imagery, movement and drawing.