2016 New Year Intentions

Support your New Year with a creative activity


Many of us want to start the new year with hopes of change, new beginnings, letting go of old habits and behaviors.  Adding an embodied intention ritual can help to make your intentions concrete and grounded.

I’ve created a frame for holding your intentions, you can down load the pdf below

New Year Blessings2016 full page

to start: find a moment when you can be quiet and undisturbed.

  • let yourself take three slow deep breaths,  as you breath in, connect to deep inside yourself, and breathing out try to relax and let go.
  • then let yourself become aware of your body through your senses, noticing the temperature of the air, all the sounds around you, the smells and taste in your mouth. notice the movement of light in your eyes.
  • next feel your feet in contact with the floor, grounding yourself and the sensation of what you are sitting on.
  • scan your inner landscape of body sensations, emotions and thoughts. with out judgement. just opening and creating space.
  • Now, allow yourself to imagine your year ahead 2015 and let an image arise for the qualities and values you want to embody and cultivate in yourself.  see yourself with them already here fully inhabited, notice what it feels like as you move about.

use the printed version of the frame to make a visual representation of that experience.