Intuitive Drawing

letting go of thinking...accessing your deep knowing

This is designed to help unlock our inner wisdom contained in the sensations of our bodies. Following our body sensations and drawing them in a free form style provides a fresh view of our experience.  This provides deeper understanding, perhaps clarity of feelings or different perspective on a familiar situation by allowing the unconscious, non verbal wisdom to be expressed.

Time:  Allow a minimum of 10 minutes

Materials: Heavy weight paper (or appropriate for the media you plan to use).  oil pastels


Lay out the paper and pastels in front of you.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, allowing the exhale to be long.  Take a feel minutes to do an “internal scan” noticing the various inner sensations in your body (this could be a tightness, a tingling, temperature warm or cold)  allow your attention to be drawn to the various bodily sensations present.  Notice if there is a color associated with them.

Allow your eyes to open softly staying with your bodily awareness, and gaze at the colored pastels

Choose one color with your non-dominate hand and then with eyes closed begin to draw a continuous squiggle line on the paper without lifting your hand from the page.  Let the movement of the squiggle represent the bodily sensation you are aware of.  Stop when the movement feels complete.


Open your eyes and with a soft gaze take in the squiggle line, you can turn the page around and look at the squiggle from different angles.  While you are gazing at the squiggle, stay connected to the body sensations.

As you are gazing,  notice any shapes that catch your eye.  (noticing if you start to analyze or criticize the process and use the breath as an anchor).

With the same soft gaze and using your non-dominate hand, choose another color to highlight that shape with and begin to draw it in.

When complete, pause checking in with your internal experience and if it feels appropriate, continue on by gazing at this version of the drawing, moving the page to take it in from different angles, noticing the shape that emerges, choose a color and then draw in this new shape.


continue this process until you feel complete


Spend a few minutes gazing at the drawing and noticing your body sensations.  Take into account, what might have changed, what feels the same, what new sensations and feelings have arisen.

To further understanding, you can spend 5 minutes free writing (writing consistently in a stream of consciousness manner without pausing or lifting your hand off the paper).  After 5 minutes, take a look at what you’ve written, circling 5-6 words that stand out to you.  Then create a sentence with these words.  This can be the name of your drawing.

This exercise is inspired by a game psychologist Donald Winnocott played with his sons to help foster creativity and imagination.