About Doreen

mindfulness, body focused, creative expression

Helping people experience their full potential at home and work has been my life long pursuit and passion. I am continuously tapping into and applying the steady wisdom and compassion I have learned through my own contemplative and expressive practices of meditation, movement and art.  I’m delighted to share my experience and skills with individuals, couples and families.

Present focused, mindfulness based, body based approach

My therapeutic approach is guided by the knowledge that our body sensations, that tingle in the belly, tightness in the chest, swelling in the heart, provide direct information about what is real and present – messengers of our truth.  By paying attention to body sensations in the moment, in session, we expand our access to information and can help discern our conditioning from our own wants desires.  We can transform our bodies from a place to be avoided or ignored to a strong resource.

Pausing in the moment and connecting to what is present is also a strong ally in the therapeutic process. In the pause, we can notice where our minds are, what we are telling ourselves about who we are and what the world is like.  Knowing the nature of our thoughts, patterns and beliefs – paying attention to them, we can separate our own truth from the beliefs we took on from our families and society. This practice supports lasting transformation.

Image 12Creative Expression

I grew up with the notion that creativity belonging to the artists, musician, actors and authors – creativity wasn’t something for the ordinary folk.  When I was 17 my assumptions were  cracked open when a friend after listening to me wistfully complain how I couldn’t draw, how I didn’t have any ability.. she asked me point blank…”well, have you ever tried?” the truth was, not since I was a kid.  Since that conversation, I’ve approached my creative expression very differently, I have followed my interests to try some modality that I find appealing, this has lead me to crocheting, wire bending, jewelry making and then to using creative expression as a form of self discovery and healing.  In therapy, the focus of creative expression is on the process of creating, more than object that is created.  Using creative expression (drawing, movement, guided imagery) we access a different channel to our innate wisdom than our thinking mind can access.  For specific ideas using creative expression for self discovery check out Healing Experiences

Experience and Training

I have specific training in Existential – Contemplative Psychotherapy and Expressive Arts.  I have taught mindfulness classes in a residential treatment center for addictions. I am certified to administer Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and a Reiki practitioner.  I am a Integrative Restoration iRest level one teacher-in-training.  I have conversational fluency in Spanish.

I have nearly 20 years of experience in creating educational materials and facilitating workshops in leadership skills, communication skills, team building, consumer education and job readiness. I have worked with individuals and groups in non profits and Corporations.

I provide group art therapy to residents of a dual-diagnosis residential recovery program.  I have participated in the Women’s Cancer Resource Center’s volunteer therapy program, providing therapy to low-income women with cancer.

I hold a MA in Counseling Psychology from JFK University’s School of Holistic Studies.