Reiki Healing

universal energy of love

Image 23Reiki Healing is a hands-on energetic healing practice.  The word Reiki in Japanese means “spiritually guided life energy”, this is the energy that is found everywhere within and around us.

I have worked with Reiki for over ten years, with clients and in my own personal healing and meditation.  The simplest way I can describe the experience of Reiki energy is that of love, universal love guided by universal intelligence.  While physical relief of discomfort can be immediate, I find Reiki most supportive for emotional soothing, stress reduction and  facilitating well-being.

During a Reiki session, we spend a few initial minutes exploring and refining your healing intention.  Focusing on this healing intention I attune to Reiki energy and facilitate the concentrated delivery of this healing energy through light touch.

Reiki healing sessions are separate from psychotherapy sessions and can be used in conjunction with ongoing therapy.  To schedule a Reiki session, or to find out more information please contact me at 510-263-7390